15 people arrested in front of Iranian parliament

Fifteen Lurs were arrested yesterday evening in front of Iranian parliament, Ayandeh Online reported.

It should be noted that the Iranian police arrested 15 people, which included 2 Lur journalists.

Lurs (also Lors) are an Iranian people living mainly in south-western Iran. Their population is estimated at around five million. They occupy Lorestan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Khuzestan, Isfahan, Fars, Bushehr and Kuh-Gilu-Boir Ahmed provinces.

The Lurs were protesting against a speech that a Lur member of Iranian parliament, Mohammad Bozorgvari made, where he said that in case Hassan Rouhani’s proposed nominees for ministries will not pay special attention to his region, he would beat them up with “Luri sticks”.

The parliament has been discussing the proposed candidates for Iranian ministries’ for 3 days.

The co-founder of Lorestan’s writers’ union, Ali Saramian expressed regret over hearing “such an irresponsible statement”.

Saramian also said that Bozorgvari linked his narrow mind to all Lurs.

There has been no official statement released on the issue by the Iranian government.

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