Iran Majlis debates proposed foreign minister’s qualifications

Iranian lawmakers have discussed the qualifications of President Hassan Rouhani’s nominated foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, as deliberations are under way ahead of vote of confidence for the new Cabinet.

During the second day of parliamentary debates on Rouhani’s proposed ministers on Tuesday, Zarif delivered a speech to defend his policies and respond to his critics.

He said Iran would play an “unparalleled role” in bolstering moderation and peace in the region.

“In a region which is suffering from extremism, insecurity and instability, Iran is the harbor of stability, security and self-sprung peace … [without] dependence on foreign powers,” Zarif said.

He added that Iran’s involvement in the political processes of “an insecure but strategic” region will help stave off war, violence and extremism.

The proposed foreign minister emphasized that Iran’s political and strategic position should serve its all-out progress and sustainable economic development.

Zarif added that President Rouhani’s “Administration of Foresight and Hope” will develop economic cooperation with influential countries and economic bodies in order to improve livelihood of the Iranian people.

“The approach of moderation in the administration’s foreign policy will be based on realism, self-belief and self-awareness in order to build mutual understanding and confidence with the purpose of upgrading the country’s capacity … as well as its security and development,” he noted.

Zarif emphasized that the “administration of moderation” will strongly and wisely pursue the inalienable rights of the Iranian nation in all fields, including the nuclear issue, without stepping back from the nation’s rights even one iota.

“By creating opportunities and reducing threats, it (the new administration) will expand the circle of friendships across the region and the world,” he stated, adding, “The administration of moderation … is prepared to make other players in the international scene” reconsider their hostile behavior toward Iran.

Zarif served as Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations under former President Mohammad Khatami, and was also deputy foreign minister for 10 years. He is a professor of international law at the Foreign Ministry’s School of International Relations.

President Rouhani submitted the list of nominees for the Cabinet during his swearing-in ceremony in Majlis on August 4.

By Press TV


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