Senior Indian journalist underlines Iran’s prominent role in region

TEHRAN (FNA)- An experienced Indian journalist underscored Iran’s vital role in settling regional crises and establishing peace and tranquility in the region, specially in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

Miss Arti Bali, the Sr. International Affairs correspondent of the Sahara India Media told the Islamic republic news agency that Iran is a stabilizing factor in the region, and naturally, will play an important role in normalizing and stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan, especially after 2014 withdrawal of the NATO troops from the war-hit country.

Early in March, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi called on the regional states to strengthen solidarity and seek establishment of a collective regional order amid withdrawal of the powers from the region.

“In fact, we should pay attention to our historical undertakings about the need to found a collective regional system and do not allow that political and security arrangements (dictated) from outside the region and foreign meddling affect our fate,” Salehi said in a message to the international conference on Basra-Bushehr-Muscat Cultural and Historical Ties held in Iran’s Southern port city of Bushehr at the time.

He pointed to talks about withdrawal of the US and other foreign troops from the region, and added, “These conditions require the regional states to embark on reinvigorating regional solidarity and lowering tensions in a bid to increase the level of their contacts in all social layers, especially among researchers.”

Iranian officials have repeatedly warned the trans-regional states, specially the US, to pull their troops and warships out of the Persian Gulf, underlining the necessity for the establishment of security in the Persian Gulf through extensive and all-out cooperation among the regional states.

By Fars News Agency


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