Iran today: Tehran presses campaign for US to “get serious” & ease sanctions

In a slow period for Iranian domestic politics, the lead story this weekend is Tehran’s continuing campaign — following last week’s signal from President Rouhani — for the US to “get serious” about nuclear discussions.

That injunction comes with a definition: complementing Rouhani’s declaration that sanctions were doing nothing more than harming the Iranian people, Iranian MPs are calling on Washington to ease financial measures as a sign of goodwill.

Esmail Kowsari, a leading member of Parliament’s National Security Commission, said, “Once the United States exhibits a confidence-building and realistic behavior, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take a proper decision concerning talks with the US.”

He continued, “Therefore, no decision can be made about negotiations with the United States unless such a change of behavior is displayed by Americans.”

Iranian media also features the Commission’s Mansour Haqiqatpour:

Unfortunately, the US behavior is totally hypocritical and dishonest and the country is pursuing an inappropriate diplomatic trend with regard to establishing relations with Iran….

To talk with Iran, the Americans should renounce their paradoxical behavior and also avoid adopting stances in bad temper so that the process of talks between the two countries can be shaped based on realities.

By Enduring America


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