Egypt: One killed in Alexandria clashes between supporters, opponents of Morsi

One person died and at least 35 were wounded during clashes between the supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi in Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city.

Demonstrators in a march supporting Morsi were involved in scuffles with army supporters in the Alexandria neighborhood of El-Mansheya in the late hours of Tuesday. Birdshots and live rounds were reportedly fired by protesters in the clashes.

“One person was killed and dozens were injured. The hospital is ready to receive the wounded and treat them immediately,” Osama Aboul-Saoud, head of Alexandria’s University hospital, told state-run news agency MENA.

A bus was torched and windows of many restaurants and shops were smashed in the clashes, according to Ahram’s Arabic-language news website.

Around 300 people have been killed since the army overthrew Morsi on 3 July, incurring the wrath of Islamists who have held numerous marches and protests since then to demand his reinstatement.

Egypt’s interim leader revokes jail for those who insult president

Egypt’s acting President Adli Mansour has issued a decree revoking a jail sentence for those who insult the state’s head. The measure was effective at times of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

The move was approved by human rights activists who had repeatedly expressed concerns about the high number of investigations during the one-year rule of toppled President Morsi.

However, international organization Human Rights Watch said the introduced measure was not enough and explained that insulting the president “should not be an offence in the first place”, Reuters is writing.

According to the decree, an individual found guilty of insulting the president can face a fine up to 30,000 Egyptian pounds ($4,300).

Earlier, such an individual could face an imprisonment for up to three years.

During Morsi’s term several investigation were launched for insulting the president. One of the most profile case was that of Bassem Youssef, a popular comedian who regularly poked fun at Morsi.
Egypt’s authorities to make no concessions to Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s authorities are denying that they are planning to suggest ministers’ posts to representatives of Muslim Brotherhood, an advisor of Egypt’s acting President Adly Mansour announced on Monday evening.

The advisor also denied that Egypt’s authorities may free several Muslim Brotherhood who are now under investigation in exchange for Egyptian Islamists to stop their strikes.

On Sunday, Reuters news agency reported that Egypt’s government and army were allegedly going to make several concessions to Muslim Brotherhood as a measure to ease the political crisis in the country. In particular, the government allegedly planned to free several Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders from under arrest, to unfreeze the blocked assets of the organization and to suggest 3 ministerial posts to Muslim Brotherhood.

Later, this information was denied by official representative of Egypt’s military authorities Ahmed Ali, who said that the government would not conclude any bargains with Muslim Brotherhood to make them stop their strikes.

Egypt army, government to offer compromise to Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt’s army and government will offer to free some Muslim Brotherhood members from jail, unfreeze the group’s assets and give it three ministerial posts in a bid to end the country’s political crisis, a senior military source said on Monday.

“The initiative will be made so that we can end the crisis and have the Brotherhood end their sit-ins,” the military source said.

A political source familiar with the proposal confirmed the details.

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