3rd Iranian Iftar table held in Gaza strip

TEHRAN, Aug. 5 (MNA) – This year like the two previous years, with the humanitarian and charitable contributions of Iranian people and with the efforts of the International Union of Unified Ummah, a group of Gazans were hosted by Iranians for Iftar after the global AL Quds day rally.

Gaza observed another manifestation of Iranians-Palestinians ties, apart from the Al Quds day rally, a rally held every year as a symbol of Islamic Revolution of Iran’s support for the Palestinian resistance.

In this program called “Global Al Quds Day Iftar”, which was organized by the Iranian nation and in collaboration with a community called “Ajal Al-Khair Coalition about 800 people from the Gaza Strip were hosted.

This decent tradition practiced by Iranian grassroots organizations, with no state-funded contributions, was aimed at continuance of Iranians’ humanitarian actions as well as declaring solidarity with the resistant people of Gaza, who after years of brutal blockade of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist regime are once again under intensified pressures due to recent events in Egypt.

The secretary of the coalition expressed gratitude to the Iranian nation and said: “The people of Gaza will never forget Iranian nation and government’ contributions and Al Quds day should deliver us the message that the liberation of Palestine and the elimination of the Zionist regime are the chief priorities of the Islamic nation and minor issues and internal disputes should not distract Muslims from the main enemy.”

This year the program was held while massive propaganda were spread aimed at creating sectarian conflict among Muslims and other the hand, the Iranian nation has been facing most strict sanctions because of resistance against imperialism as well as staying steadfast on their stances.

By Mehr News Agency


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