US must prove trustworthiness: Iran MP

An Iranian parliamentarian says the US lawmakers’ letter to the White House demanding diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran was a “positive step,” calling on Washington to prove its trustworthiness.

“The Americans must demonstrate that they are reliable and are pursuing a reasonable policy,” head of Majlis Research Center Kazem Jalali said on Tuesday.

More than a hundred US lawmakers have called on the White House to opt for diplomatic channels on Iran following the victory of Hassan Rohani in Iran’s June 14 presidential election.

The request was made this week through a letter co-authored by Charlie Dent and David Price and signed by 131 lawmakers at the US House of Representatives.

Jalali, however, said the “the move is not enough.”

“If the US insists on [its] aggressive policy, it must know that resistance will continue in that case,” the Iranian legislator added.

He stated that the US will fail to reach out to Iran while it is still following a unilateral aggressive policy.

On Sunday, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei expressed skepticism about talks with the United States, saying he was not opposed to talks with Washington on certain issues.

“…I am not optimistic about negotiation with the US although I have not rejected negotiations over certain issues such as Iraq in the past years,” the Leader stated, adding, the US officials are unreliable and dishonest.

By Press TV


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