Iran’s Larijani hopes Egypt’s democracy will weather current events

Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani delivering a speech to other lawmakers and President-elect Hassan Rohani, Tehran, July 14, 2013

Iran’ Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says he hopes the current events in Egypt will not harm the democratic process that began in the country following the ouster of its US-backed dictator Hosni Mobarak.

Larijani’s remarks came during a meeting between the MPs and Iranian President-elect Hassan Rohani at Majlis on Sunday.

Referring to Egypt as an important country, Larijani further said, “We hope what is happening in Egypt today will not turn into a civil war and massacre.”

The speaker further touched upon Iran’s nuclear energy program, and said all officials see eye to eye on the nation’s nuclear energy program.

“All [Iranian statesmen] are on the same page when it comes to the nuclear issue, and given your experience in that regard, you should defend the rights of the nation,” Larijani told the president-elect.

The Majlis speaker noted that all sectors in the country should work in tandem to safeguard the nation’s right to peaceful nuclear energy.

Larijani then expressed hope that Rohani would draw on his wealth of experience both as an MP and the Leader’s representative in the Supreme National Security Council to facilitate the country’s progress through “prudence and objective decision-making.”

The head of the legislative branch said Majlis deputies are confident that Rohani would be able to solve the country’s economic problems and improve people’s living conditions by picking “competent, experienced, wise, well-educated and committed” individuals for his Cabinet. Larijani further pledged Majlis’ support for Rohani in this regard.

Rohani, for his part, called for closer cooperation between the executive and legislative branches to overcome domestic problems, adding that his administration will consider the parliament as “an important and influential institution.”

“Certainly, solving the country’s issues will not be possible without cooperation between Majlis and the executive branch,” the president-elect added.

By Press TV


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