Enemies afraid of national unity in Egypt: Iran lawmaker

An Iranian lawmaker has dismissed as “unacceptable” the ongoing violence in Egypt, saying enemies are afraid of national unity in the North African country.

“Political groups in Egypt must keep in mind that possible internal differences should not undermine [their] national unity against arrogant [powers] because Egypt’s enemies seek to infiltrate this country and are afraid of the unity of the Egyptian nation,” Esmail Kowsari, member of the Majlis National Unity and Foreign Policy Committee, told ISNA on Monday.

He added that the Egyptian people are united against arrogant powers and Zionism. The MP stressed the importance of taking steps to strengthen national unity in Egypt.

“The Egyptian people do not seek violence and if any violence has erupted throughout recent events in Egypt, it has certainly been favored by arrogant [powers] and Zionists,” the Iranian legislator added.

Egypt plunged into violence after the country’s army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced on July 3 that the first democratically-elected president and a former leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Morsi, was no longer in office.

He further declared on July 4 that the head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mahmoud Mansour, had been appointed as the new interim president of Egypt. The army also suspended the constitution.

Since then, the new military-backed administration has intensified its crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi’s political party, issuing arrest warrants for many of the group’s members.

Army officials said ousted President Morsi, who took office in June 2012, was being held “preventively” by the military.

By Press TV


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