Iran produces anti-burn ointment with swift repair capability

TEHRAN (ISNA)- An Iranian researcher in Kermanshah Province, western Iran, has made a anti-burn herbalointment with the strong capability of disinfection and repair of damaged tissues.

“The anti-burn ointment is fully herbal and without any chemical combinations. It is used on the burned part of the body and relieves pain. Its antibiotic and antifungal properties prevents any infection,” Ahmad Asgari, the researcher told ISNA.

The herbals used in the medication are one of the efficient disinfectants and the drug’s row materials are fully found in Iran, he added.

Using some stimulating plants in the ointment makes it possible for the body to make flesh, he said adding, the newly-developed product can heal all burn degrees without any need to plastic surgery and makes the burned points as healthy as before.

The ointment’s capability is twice stronger than other foreign and domestic ones. It can reduce the treatment period to 7 days while the foreign version’s lasts for 25 days.

The ointment has been tested on 200 mice successfully. Clinic tests of the drug are underway and it will be mass produced soon.


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