Division among Muslim people solely benefits US, Israel: Iran minister

Iran’s Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi has warned that the United States and Israel are the sole beneficiaries of sectarian division in the Muslim world.

In a Wednesday interview, Vahidi condemned the recent killing of four Shia Muslims by Takfiri extremists in Egypt, noting, “The US and the occupying regime of al-Quds (Israel) are the only parties which take advantage of rifts between different Islamic denominations.”

On Sunday, a group of Takfiri extremists attacked the house of Shia cleric Sheikh Hassan Shehata in a village near Cairo in Giza Province.

The cleric and three of his followers were murdered after the house was surrounded by hundreds of people vowing to kill them for being Shias.

Their bodies were then dragged into the street by Takfiri extremists.

Vahidi argued that measures taken by Takfiri extremists, including the killing of Shias, are basically instigated by the US and Israel, adding, “All those with a clear conscience in Islamic societies condemn this action.”

The Iranian defense minister described Shias and Sunnis as the “two wings of Islam,” and pointed out, “The Shia and Sunni must stand together, and undoubtedly the enemies’ plots aimed at dividing them will never come to fruition.”

Vahidi stated that the majority of Muslim scholars, including the sheikh of Egypt’s al-Azhar University, have condemned this crime and this is indicative of the horrendous nature of this action.

Takfiris believe that only their interpretation of Islam is correct and all other Muslims are unbelievers.

The Shia community is being regularly targeted by Salafists, with the support of various regional countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Shias, who form just one percent of Egypt’s population, are often attacked by extremist groups.

By Press TV


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