Iranians to go polls in 96 countries

TEHRAN, Jun 11 (MNA) –Iran’s Overseas Electoral Commission chief says the eleventh presidential elections will be held in 96 countries, 128 consulates and 290 polling stations.

In an interview with Fars News Agency, Sayyed Kazem Sajadi announced that eleventh presidential elections will be held in 96 countries. “Electoral forms for the first stage and second stage if necessary have been sent to 128 consulates and 290 polling stations along with election miscellanies supply,” he added.

“It should be noted the election in overseas polling stations will begins 8:00 AM, on June 24local times. And Iranians living overseas can vote with their passports in this round of elections,” he asserted.

Sajadi explained that people with birth certificates could also cast their vote with the approval of the head consul.

He also commented about the facilities intended for Iranian pilgrims to the Holy Shrines in the course of the elections. “We have provided facilities for our citizens who are in Iraq during election days, so they could be able to cast their ballots also,” he said.

“We are also in talks with Saudi officials to facilitate the participation of Iranian pilgrims in the election; we hope to achieve some positive results,” Sajadi added.

He also provided details of participation of Iranian citizens living in Canada in this round of election. “Due to the closure of the Iranian embassy, we are not able to provide consular services to our citizens, and unfortunately it was not possible to establish polling stations in Canada to vote,” added he.

Sajadi stated that a polling station at the Iranian interests section, in the Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in London has been considered for our citizens living in the UK, so they could cast their ballots there. He expressed hope that the British security authorities will ensure the safety of that place.

Sajadi also announced that in addition to Canberra, there would be polling stations in several other cities in Australia for our citizens to cast their votes.”

By Mehr News


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