Presidential candidate Rohani says will form inclusive administration

Iranian presidential candidate Hassan Rohani says, if elected, he will be ready to cooperate with moderate figures from every political faction.

“I have no problem working with the faction that is called Principlist or the one that is called Reformist. I have no problems [with them]. I have problems with the extremists,” Rohani said in a televised interview on Monday.

“Basically, I have come to replace extremism with moderation. Extremism has always caused troubles for us,” he added.

When asked about his opinion on the crisis in Syria, Rohani, who is currently the chairman of the Center for Strategic Research of Iran’s Expediency Council, said the issue was of high importance for Iran because of Syria’s role in the resistance front against Israel.

“Syria is an important regional issue. Syria is one of the states in the [resistance] front against Israel. It is, on the one hand, the neighbor of Lebanon – and well we have very close relations with the people of Lebanon, with the Shias of Lebanon. On the other hand, Syria is Iraq’s neighbor, which has special importance for us. Syria itself is a Muslim country and we have had very good relations with this country after the Islamic Revolution,” said the Iranian presidential candidate.

“Until 2014, when the incumbent [Syrian] government is in power, because it is the legal government, we will support this government… But after 2014, when it’s the time for election, we will completely support an indisputable, free and all-inclusive election. And we will be committed to supporting whatever the results of that election will be, in order to support the future legal government.”

The president of Iran is elected for a four-year term in a national election.

On June 14, Iranians will cast their ballots at over 66,000 polling stations across the country, and some 285 polling stations will be set up for Iranian nationals in other countries.

By Press TV


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