Ministry of Intelligence issues statement on spies

Iran executes two spies who worked for the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli spy agency, the Mossad.

TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) –Two CIA and Mossad spies has been lured by the enemy to exploit their access to information.

The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MISIRI) issued a statement on two ringleaders of espionage networks belonging to the US intelligence agency (CIA) and Israel’s Mossad.

Part of the statement reads:

We hereby inform the honorable Iranian nation that, with continued day to day support and hard work by anonymous soldiers of Imam Mahdi (as), and with benefiting from the effective work of the great fellow citizens and the use of the most extensive and sophisticated methods, inside and outside the country, two ringleader of spy networks belonging to CIA and MOSSAD were identified and with the assistance of judicial authority, were arrested.

The next phase of the investigation was to gather other information and detailed confession of the spies. After the completion of their files, their case was sent to the competent courts for trial. They were convicted of treason and were sentenced to death, punished for their shameful actions yesterday morning.

It is worth mentioning that [enemy] intelligence services focused on weaknesses of some individuals and greedy people, and used modern methods and cover-ups such as; invitation to regional and international conferences, or seminars for scientific, technical, or intellectual issues, or the pretext of employment, telephone surveys, interviews with the Persian language Satellite TV channels and …, and employed such individuals in the process, and put them in the path of treason to their compatriots.

The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security will be ready to help and guide those who might consciously or unconsciously, and/or by any other means be entrapped in a foreign intelligence services pitfall.

Additional information on the other aspects of the case will subsequently be announced to the honorable Iranian nation.

By Mehr News


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