Russia detains U.S. man as spy

MOSCOW—Russian authorities say they have detained an employee from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow who they allege attempted to recruit a member of the Russian security services while working as a Central Intelligence Agency officer.

The Federal Security Service, the modern incarnation of the KGB, said in a statement released to Russian news outlets that authorities had detained an American citizen named Ryan Christopher Fogle in the night hours stretching from Monday to Tuesday.

The Russian security service said Mr. Fogle was working as the third secretary in the U.S. Embassy’s political section but was in fact a career CIA officer. Russian authorities also said they had recovered special technical equipment, written instructions for the would-be recruit, a large sum of money and products to change a person’s appearance.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Embassy in Moscow declined to comment. Mr. Fogle couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Rossiya 24, a state-controlled television channel, carried a story on Mr. Fogle’s arrest that showed an image of a blonde man in a blue shirt being handcuffed on the ground at night.

By The Wall Street Journal


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