Israel playing with fire in Syria: Iran’s Salehi

Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has denounced Israel’s act of aggression against Syria, saying the Tel Aviv regime is playing with fire.

In a meeting with Turkmenistan’s Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov on Monday, Salehi warned against the dangers of extremism spreading across the region and throughout the world.

He added that extremist terrorist groups are not committed to any rules and are formed and supported by certain powers.

The Syrian state television reported on Sunday that Israel had carried out an act of aggression against the Jamraya Research Center, located northwest of the capital, Damascus, following heavy losses of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups at the hands of the Syrian army. The center had also been targeted by Israeli in January.

The Israeli act of aggression “is aimed at loosening the noose around the terrorists” in the eastern Ghouta region, near Damascus, the state television added.

Sunday’s incident came shortly after Tel Aviv confirmed on Friday that its warplanes had hit a “game-changing” target in Syria.

The Iranian minister hailed Tehran-Ashgabat political relations and the close consultations between the officials of both sides at different levels and said Iran can be a reliable partner for Turkmenistan.

Salehi voiced Iran’s readiness to strengthen cooperation with Turkmenistan in gas and electricity transmission sectors and transportation and added that the inauguration of Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway in the near future would be an effective measure which would herald a bright future for the region.

The initial agreement on the construction of the railway was signed between the presidents of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan in the city of Turkmenbashi in April 2007 and Iran joined the deal in September 2007.

The 920-kilometer railroad will shorten more than 600 kilometers of the route for transporting goods from the Central Asia to the Persian Gulf, and will become one of the important international transportation links between China and Europe.

The Turkmen Foreign Minister, for his part, said international terrorism is a threat and added that extremist groups are targeting the region.

Extremists aim to destabilize the region he stated, urging regional cooperation to counter such a phenomenon.

Meredov expressed his country’s willingness to expand political relations with Iran and implement joint gas, energy, electricity and transportation projects.

By Press TV


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