‘Enemies pursuing divide-and-rule strategy in Middle East’

President Ahmadinejad told the audience that the enemies and the arrogant powers attempted to pit nations against one another.

He said, ˈThey wage artificial war to fan flames of hostility in a bid to earn legitimacy for themselves.ˈ

Warning regional and global policy makers, President Ahmadinejad said, ˈBe aware. Nations are all united and any border drawn by the ˈSatanˈ aims to dominate nations to plunder their rights and extend their yoke.ˈ

He said, ˈToday, they are inciting religions feud. See what happens in Pakistan, Iraq, Syria and Egypt. The question is that who kills who?ˈ

ˈWhat has happened today? The people who lived like brother for hundreds and thousands of years are today fastening bomb on their belts and kill Muslims while reciting Quran?

The answer to all these is clear. Arenˈt such measures done by Satan and the arrogant powers? All should be alert because the arrogant powers want to divide all. They want to disintegrate Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and we are aware of their plot. These nations should sit down and hold talks, leading their country and protecting their rights.ˈ

He regretted that enemies turn money of nations into bomb and arms.

By US Close Up


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