‘West plots war on Syria to ‘reshape’ region and weaken Iran’

British anti-war campaigners, the Stop the War Coalition, say the recent allegations by Britain and the US about chemical weapons’ use in Syria are an excuse to stoke the war in the Middle Eastern country to remove Syrian president Bashar al-Asad, “reshape” the region and weaken Iran.

The Stop the War convenor said the US and British governments have made claims about the “’probable’ discovery of missiles using the chemical sarin” in the clashes between government and rebel forces near Aleppo.

German said the allegations when considered in the context of US president Barack Obama remarks last year that the use of chemical weapons will be the “red line” for the Syrian government, raise fears that Washington and London are fabricating such a scenario against Damascus.

“The ominous quote from a senior British official in the Financial Times today that ‘It is increasingly likely that sarin [chemical] was used by the Assad regime’ demonstrates that a case is being put together to justify overt military intervention on top of the widespread but unofficial intervention that already exists,” German said on Friday.

She added that the US and Britain are “descending Syria into hell” using the “alliance” of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Israeli regime, Turkey and Jordan along with the western powers to aid the Syrian anti-government terrorists with “arms, finance, provision of control centers and troops” and all under the pretext of “need for humanitarian intervention in Syria”.

Meanwhile, German stressed that the western powers’ intervention in Syria is “not humanitarian nor democratic”, as is clear from their support for the “regimes of Saudi Arabia or Qatar, or their friends in Bahrain and Jordan”.

“The alliance of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Jordan and the western powers has in its sights the taking out of Syria as a key ally of Iran, and with it Hezbollah in Lebanon. The aim is nothing short of a transformation of the Middle east aimed at permanently weakening Iran and its allies,” she said.

By Press TV

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