Photos: Iranian researchers build ultra light, fuel less aircraft

TEHRAN, Apr 8(MNA) – University of Tabriz scientists have built a prototype ultra light and fuel less aircraft perusing one of their research projects.

Hassan Akbari Layegh, project manager in an interview with MNA reporter said: “the weight of the aircraft is about 500 grams, and during the flight acceleration caused by the electric motor its weight is reduced by half.

He explained that weight loss in flight cause imbalance to the aircraft and therefore: “to overcome this problem, we run multiple experiments to establish the optimum balance of the aircraft with lowest possible weight.”

Akbari described the length of the wings as 1.5 meter and noted: “this aircraft is equipped with a video camera with extremely high sudden acceleration, which make it possible for the aircraft to speed away when it need to.”

The project manager said the aircraft needs very little space for landing and added: “This aircraft is able to maintain its balance at heights close to sea level.”

Akbari Layegh announced production of prototype of this ultra light aircraft and said: “after 2 years of research engineering the prototype flight was launched, and then after correcting some of the drawbacks, we finally found the flying prototype.”

The researcher referring to the performance of this aircraft added: “this ultra light aircraft flies with electric engine and without fuel. This project was executed and supported by Azad Islamic University, International Division of Qeshm Island and the University of Tabriz.”

By Mehr News

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