Fuel consumption reaches its highest in Iran during holidays

Fuel consumption in Iran has reached its highest during the Novrooz celebrations in Iran, IRNA reported.

According to the managing director of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company Mostafa Kashkouli, the figure reached 98 million liters of fuel per day on April 1 – the highest ever in the country.

Kashkouli explained that the fuel consumption has increased due to numerous trips outside the country during the Novrooz celebrations.

He added that the daily consumption of fuel increased by some 10 million liters/day since last Iranian calendar year.

“In the last few days of last year, there have been some 220 more fueling stations launched in the country, as well as 108 more CNG-fueling stations,” Kashkouli said.

Average fuel consumption during the Novrooz celebrations in Iran has been 80-90 million liters of fuel per day.

Previously, Kashkouli said that on March 21 the highest daily average of fuel consumption was 81 million liters, adding that the fuel consumption during the holidays might reach as much as 100 million liters per day.

The country’s average fuel consumption stood at around 71.6 million litres per day in the previous Iranian calendar year, the ISNA News Agency reported.

This is while according to the Deputy Oil Minister Alireza Zeyqami, Iran’s average fuel consumption stands at around 63.5 million litres per day.

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