Salehi: “Prolongation of Syria crisis leads to spillover of unrest into whole region”

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi condemned the recent attacks in Syria, as he warned that the prolongation of the Syrian crisis will lead to the spillover of the unrest into the whole region.

In a letter sent to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Monday, Salehi said: ““The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the continuation of violent measures and blind bombing attacks will delay the achievement of a political solution” in Syria.

On February 21, a powerful car bomb exploded in the Syrian capital’s Mazra’ah residential neighborhood near the Russian embassy and the headquarters of the ruling Ba’ath Party, reportedly killing 53 people and injuring 250.

The Iranian foreign minister said that such terrorist attacks indicate the desperation of those who seek to meet their interests by stoking instability in Syria.

Salehi reiterated that a delay in the resolution of the unrest in Syria will not serve the interests of the innocent people of Syria, the neighboring countries, the region and the world, saying that inaction in the face of such attacks will have global consequences.

He called on the United Nations to condemn such terrorist attacks.
“These circumstances necessitate widespread consultation to prevent the repetition of the past catastrophes that have had devastating and irreparable effects on the situation of Syria and the region,” Salehi said.

On the US stance regarding the events in Syria, the Iranian FM denounced Washington’s double standards on fighting terrorism and its failure to condemn those terrorist attacks through the United Nations Security Council.

By Al-Manar


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