Ghaher-313: a lie, a plan, or one hell of a surprise?

ghaher 313(The Iran Project) – 2 February 2013, Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadi nejad , announced construction of a new domestic fighter jet. Ghaher-313 (conqueror-313) was first set in display in an unknown hanger of first tactical air base of Iranian airfare in Mehrabad, Tehran.

Iranian president described the fighter jet as one of the most advanced fighter aircrafts in the world. “I have talked with the test pilot, as an expert he knows all technical aspects of the aircraft and he is compensated with its capabilities”. Iranian defense ministry brigadier general Ahmad Vahidi also described the fighter jet as a capable aircraft with very low cross section.

However details of the unveiled model in the ceremony clearly pointed to a full scale mock up, and relived the story of Shafagh, forgotten Iranian version of the Vityaz 2000 jets, minutes later a footage from F-313 test flight put a second doubt about the program: Gaher-313 is a real flying fighter jet.

Iranian media including The Iran project are still caution and waiting for release of more data to provide a full inside about the fighter jet and intends behind its very unusual but sign full design. If ghaher-313 is a finished project and a capable aircraft as Iranian officials say, it would change strategic balance in the region. As a matter of fact by considering the signs in design of the fighter, its capabilities are not any less effective than Shahab or sedjil missiles in any possible future conflict.

T.I.P. is working with a group of expert and is monitoring for any further releases, please stay tuned for the comprehensive report of the Iran project.