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Diplomat: Iran is Kerry’s test

An Iran armed with nuclear weapons is one of the greatest threats facing Israel, the country’s consulate general to New England said yesterday, calling the rogue state a tough test for new Secretary of State John F. Kerry.

“They educate their people to hate us. To them, we represent all that is bad in the world. They’ve compared us to a cancer that must be removed from the Middle East,” Shai Bazak said of Iran during an interview with Herald editors and reporters. “They are developing a nuclear weapon. They’re going to have it soon — maybe this summer.”

Asked if Kerry should consider a pre-emptive strike against Iran, Bazak said, “I can only quote President Obama — and I believe I heard Sen. Kerry say something similar — ‘America will not contain a nuclear Iran.’

“With this great power the United States has today, comes great responsibility,” he said. “I’m not sure how things will turn out with Iran. If we have to go beyond diplomatic and economic sanctions, we’re all going to stand united — Israel, the United States, Europe, all free-world countries — in order to stand up against a real danger which threatens all of us. We believe this is what’s going to happen, but who knows what the future is hiding.”

He also said Israel is watching who’ll step up to fill Kerry’s soon-to-be-vacated Senate seat “very closely,” Bazak said, but — in true diplomatic fashion — he’s leaving party preferences and the ultimate decision to the voters of Massachusetts.

Asked if any ambitious politicians reached out to him to put in a good word with friend Gov. Deval Patrick for the interim appointment Patrick has said he’ll announce today, Bazak said, “I cannot comment on that. I’m talking with everybody.”

By Boston Herald


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