IAEA says Iran talks now Feb 13

the-reactor-building-at-the-russian-built-bushehr-nuclear-power-plant-in-southern-iran-seen-in-2010-495876-dataThe U.N. atomic agency said Monday that its next round of talks in Tehran will be on February 13, not on February 12 as it had stated last week.

“In fact the talks will be held on February 13 rather than February 12,” International Atomic Energy Agency spokeswoman Gill Tudor told AFP. No reason was given for the change.

The talks are aimed at finalizing an accord whereby Iran will address what the IAEA believes is evidence of efforts to develop nuclear weapons, until 2003 and possibly since.

Iran denies working or ever having worked towards getting the bomb and says the IAEA’s information is based on faulty intelligence that it has not even been allowed to see.

The IAEA conducts regular insections of Iran’s declared nuclear sites, which Iran says are for peaceful purposes only.

Last week the IAEA held two days of talks in Tehran but fell short of signing a deal. The meetings come ahead of a possible resumption of talks between Iran and six world powers.

By Naharnet


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