587 were executed in Iran in 2012

public-hanging-four-convicted-rapists-Khomeinishahr-11Baku. Konul Jafarli – APA. The Human Rights Activists in Iran website published a 37-page report saying 587 people were executed in Iran in 2012, APA reports quoting HRANA.

According to this report, 140,000 Iranian citizens had their rights violated directly by the government. 70% of reports on human rights violations in 2012 were gathered from human rights entities, media outlets independent or unassociated to the government.

Hrana announced there was a 3% margin of error in the sources this report was based on, and most of the executions were carried out in Tehran (16%).
59 people in 2012 were executed in public, totaling to 10% of all the executions in Iran.
Iran’s judiciary reported 54% of these executions and human rights entities provided reports on the remaining 46%. This is while judiciary officials claimed there were no secret executions in Iran’s prisons.
In comparison to 2011, Iran witnessed a 9% rise in executions.



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