Iran English newspaper language headlines on Monday, 14-01-2013

NewspaperTehran Times

Iran calls on intl. community to fulfill obligations to refugees

Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar called on the international community on Saturday to fulfill its obligations and commitments towards refugees.

French jets pound Mali, many civilians killed

French aircraft have pounded Mali for a second day, killing several militants and a large number of civilians, a Malian rebel group says.

‘Stop the violence against Pakistani Shias’

Tens of thousands of Pakistani Shia Muslims have staged demonstrations across the country to condemn Thursday’s massacre in the southwestern city of Quetta.

Israel evicts 100 Palestinian protesters from West Bank tent outpost

Israeli forces evacuated about 100 Palestinians early on Sunday from tents pitched in an area of the West Bank as a protest against Israeli plans to build a settlement there.

More than 130 nations begin mercury treaty talks

Delegates from more than 130 nations began a final round of negotiations on Sunday that are expected to lead to the creation of the first legally binding international treaty to reduce mercury emissions.

6 arrested in another bus passenger rape in India

Police said Sunday they have arrested 6 suspects in another gang rape of a bus passenger in India, four weeks after a brutal attack on a student on a moving bus outraged Indians and led to calls for tougher rape laws.

Efforts underway to arrange Iran nuclear talks in late January: diplomats

Diplomats have said that a new round of talks between Iran and the 5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) will possibly be held in late January.

Jordanian king dismisses Israeli war scenarios against Iran as impractical

Jordanian King Abdullah II warned that any new war in the region will have devastating consequences for the regional states, but meantime, stressed that Israel’s different scenarios for attacking Iran are just words as they are not at all feasible.

Iran Daily

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Under Fire

More than 45 foreign maids are facing execution on death row in Saudi Arabia, the Observer has learned, amid growing international outrage at the treatment of migrant workers.

Rising Demand for Iranian Crude In Europe Despite Sanctions

The number of the European countries demanding Iran’s crude oil has hiked despite a US-led EU ban on the supply of crude from the Islamic Republic, a source revealed on Sunday, adding that Tehran prefers not to sell its oil to Europeans.

Accusations of Nuclear Equipment Sales Rejected

A Spanish company producing industrial devices has denied the accusation that it has sold nuclear equipment to Iran.
The rejection came after the Spanish police accused Fluow company, located in northern province of Basque, that it violated the UN and the EU sanctions against Iran by selling dual-used industrial equipment to the country, IRNA reported.

US Antiwar Activists: Hands Off Iran!

In a meeting held on Saturday at Riverside Church in New York, on the occasion of 85th birthday of Ramsey Clark, the former US attorney general which coincided with the 20th anniversary of establishment of International Action Center (IAC), Ramsey Clark and Sara Flounders, the co-founder of IAC, initiated signing a petition titled ‘99ers on the negotiations of 5+1 with Iran’. The text of the petition which was sponsored by a growing number of antiwar organizations including Solidarity with Iran (SI) campaign and IAC is as follows.

Egyptian Court Orders Re-Trial for Mubarak

A court granted Hosni Mubarak’s appeal of his life sentence, ordering on Sunday a retrial of the ousted Egyptian president on charges that he failed to prevent the killing of hundreds of protesters during the uprising that toppled his regime nearly two years ago.

Iran News Daily

Iranian Private Firm May Lay Gas Pipeline in Pakistan

Iran has designated a private company to take a direct contract for laying a pipeline in Pakistan under the Iran-Pakistan gas supply project for which Tehran is extending a $500 million loan, a media report said on Thursday.

U.S. Urged to Explain About Levinson Mission in Iran

U.S. should explain about the mission of Robert Levinsion in Iran, Iranian Ambassador to the United Nations Mohammad Khazaei said in a statement released on Friday.