Iran: National dialogue, free elections only solution to Syria crisis

Iranian-Foreign-Ministry-Spokesman-Ramin-Mehman-ParastIranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said that clashes in Syria should end to pave the ground for national dialogue and free and democratic elections.

In a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister’s office director general of information and press, Murat Karakaya, Mehmanparast stressed the right of the Syrian nation to determine its own destiny, assuring that Tehran opposes interference of western countries in Syrian domestic affairs.

Mehmanparast was meeting with the Turkish official in his capacity as the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s head of public diplomacy and media department.

He stressed that halt of clashes, paving ways for national dialogue, and holding free and democratic elections, are the “only way” out of crisis for the Syrian nation.

He further noted that the continuing instability and enduring violence in Syria are what western powers desire to ensure the interests of the Zionist regime.

Criticizing the untrue remarks of some Turkish officials, he said Turkish authorities should try to improve cooperation between the two countries in line with settlement of regional crises instead of making remarks which could trigger differences.

By AL Manar


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