Barak: Israel determined to stop Iranian nuclear ambitions

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud BarakDefense Minister Ehud Barak said on Monday Israel is “determined to prevent Iran from becoming a military nuclear power.”

Speaking at the World Jewish Congress (WJC) gala in New York, Barak stated: “Once they enter the ‘zone of immunity,’ fate will be out of our hands. The State of Israel was founded precisely so that our fate would remain in our own hands.”

Barak also commented on the recent granting of Palestinian membership to the United Nations as a non-member state, calling the move “provocative” and not a direct substitute for negotiations.

The WJC gala honored President Shimon Peres on Monday with its Theodor Herzl Award, with the president of the organization heralding Peres as “the last, great founding father of the State of Israel.”

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder expressed concern regarding the Iranian nuclear program and anti-Semitism in Europe.

By Jerusalem Post


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