Is stagnation in Turkish-Iranian relations linked to Armenian-Iranian relations?

g_image (2)Armenian-Iranian relations could be a good example for the Caucasus countries, former ambassador of Iran to Armenia Mohammad Farhad Koleyni told IRAS news agency in an interview.

Referring to cooperation between Armenia and Iran in border security, ambassador Koleyni noted that the two countries successfully cooperate in fight against terrorism, smuggling, money laundering and in a range of other fields.

According to him, in border matters Armenia and Iran have always had healthy partner relations, which could be a good example for the neighboring countries of the Caucasus.

When asked if the stagnation in Turkish-Iranian relations is linked to Armenian-Iranian relations, ambassador Koleyni said, “Iran has balanced relations with both Turkey and the Caucasus countries. The Islamic Republic of Iran keeps to the principle of maintaining and developing good neighborly relations with all those countries that could contribute to regional stability and peace. Iran does not link its relations with Armenia to its relations with other countries as well as does not link its relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan to relations between Yerevan and Tehran.”

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