USA hopes for cooperation with Georgia on Iranian and Turkish-Syrian issues

By The Journal of Turkish Weekly

USA hopes for continued cooperation with Georgia on Iranian and Turkish Syrian issues. The U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Eric Rubin stated this while answering journalists’ questions at a briefing at the U.S Embassy in Tbilisi.

“I discussed efforts of the international community directed towards the prevention of creating nuclear weapons by Iran during meetings with the president and future Prime Minister of Georgia,” Rubin noted.

He emphasised that the USA and Georgia have established good relations on this issue. “Our cooperation on the Turkish Syrian issue is considerable. Georgia is to play a peacekeeping role in the region,” Rubin added.

The USA, a number of Western states and Israel accuse Iran of nuclear weapon development under the pretext of a peaceful nuclear programme. Teheran doesn’t deny it is enriching uranium to 20 per cent, but states that its nuclear programme is exceptionally peaceful.

The six negotiators: representatives from Russia, Great Britain, China, USA, France and Germany together with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been trying to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment programme which threatens the nuclear weapon non-proliferation status.


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