Iran FM Spokesman called ISIS’s claim about sign of Iran cleanup at Parchin site a joke

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast dismissed the claim of Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) about Parchin site, calling it a joke.  

Paul Brannan, an analyst at the Institute for Science and International Security claimed that satellite imagery of the Parchin site taken on April 9, compared with a previous image obtained on March 4, shows unidentified items lined up outside a rectangular building and what appears to be water flowing out of the same structure.

Iran may be erasing evidence of nuclear weapons work at this site because inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency expressed an interest in visiting Parchin, Paul Brannan added.

In response, Ramin Mehmanparast said Wednesday “this institute is a bit inexperienced. If it had more experience it would have known nuclear activities, the way they claim, could not be cleaned and they are joking with our nation.”

“Iran should immediately allow IAEA inspectors into the Parchin site and allow access to this specific building,” said David Albright, the director of the ISIS.

Iran, which reiterates its nuclear program is exclusively for peaceful use, let IAEA inspectors into the country on several occasions, albeit with limited access to some military sites.

The institute’s report came ahead of a new round of talks between Tehran and the six world powers (P5+1) which is scheduled for May 23 and will take place in Baghdad. The two sides will seek diplomatic ways to resolve Iran’s disputed nuclear program which Iran says is peaceful but which Western nations suspect is a cover for efforts to make nuclear weapons.


Sources: RT, Bloomberg