Society of Seminary Teachers concerns about increasing expensiveness in Iran

All religious scholars concern about the economic performance of Ahmadinejad administration. Last reaction of the Society of Qom Seminary Teachers to the recent Iran’s economic situation  was to write a letter to President Ahmadinejad in which they expressed concern about inflation.

According to the information center of Jameeh Modarresin, in the letter, members of the Qom Seminary Teachers Society emphasized that if expensiveness continues, vulnerable and oppressed people of the Islamic society, who are the real owners of the Islamic Revolution, will encounter serious problems.

Teachers Society urged the respectful government to exchange views with economic experts and consult with those who are concerned the Islamic system and revolution to prevent inflation.

It seems that, in the last months of his presidency, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad grapples with worsening economic problems.

According to many economic experts, Iran’s economic problems are because of the inflation above 20 percent and international sanctions.

Source: BBC Persian