Iran’s commander: Iranphobia policy a pretext for illegal presence of US missile shield

Iranian commander of the Army’s Ground Forces said that deploying of US missile shield in the region was based on Iranphobia policy by US government propaganda. 

 IRNA quoted commander of the Iranian Army’s Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan as saying onWednesday night in a ceremony to mark the Army Day, the stationing of US missile defense system based on fake threat of possible missile attacks from countries like Iran and North Korea is merely a phony pretext for the continual illegal presence of the Americans in the region.

Brigadier General Pourdastan reiterated: Intimidating the regional countries of the so-called Iran threat is a process which on the one hand paves the path for the US presence as the supporter of the reactionary and despotic regional regimes, and on the other hand prepared the ground for unlimited sales of US and other western countries’ weapons and armaments to the regional countries resorting to that justification, as well as the prolonged presence of the US military forces in the region.”

Press TV reported, the top Iranian commander said that Iranophobia policy is a propaganda campaign and a psychological warfare by the US and certain European countries, describing it as synonymous with Islamophobia policy pursued by the US governments over the years.

Pourdastan said that Iran plays a constructive role in establishing security in the region and added that the regional countries are fully capable of safeguarding their interests without resorting to foreign assistance.

Iranian officials have repeatedly stressed that Tehran follows a defense doctrine, which is based on deterrence, and have pointed out that the Islamic Republic poses no threat to any regional countries.

Meanwhile, Pourdastan told reporters on the sidelines of the ceremony about the recent claims of UAE over the three Persian Gulf islands of Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunbs: If these seditions are not resolved through diplomacy military forces are ready to show the prowess of the system to the claimant country.

Pourdastan said: Iran has had sovereignty over these islands since old times and the Islamic Republic will defend this right with full force, according to Mehr News Agency.

Also, Fars News Agency referred to the Iran’s Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi remarks earlier this month, called on the neighboring states to avoid joining the US-Israeli project for deploying a missile shield in the Persian Gulf.

“Since the very beginning we have rejected this project as we saw it against the regional security, and we have recommended our friends not to enter such fields of activity,” he said.