What will be the fate of questioning Ahmadinejad?

58 signatories of the motion of ‘Questioning Ahmadinejad’ failed to attend the 9th parliament, ISNA reported. 

A new motion signed by 79 lawmakers was submitted to the Presiding Board of Iran’s Parliament to summon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for questioning, finally the Presiding Board agreed with the lawmakers’ petition on Feb 7.

After the questions read by Omidvar Rezaiei – one of MPs – on Feb 7, Iran’s Parliament was set to question Ahmadinejad on the second half of March, but then it was postponed until after the parliamentary elections, IRD reported.

According to the Article 88 of the Iranian Constitution, the president must appear before Majlis within a month of being summoned, unless lawmakers decide to withdraw the motion.

Now that the 9th parliamentary elections have been held with the vibrant participation of over 65% of Iranians across the country, 58 of lawmakers who signed the motion of ‘Questioning Ahmadinejad’ failed to attend the 9th parliament.

According to Raja news, out of 79 lawmakers who signed the motion of ‘Questioning Ahmadinejad’ in the 8th parliament, 27 did not nominated for the 9th parliamentary elections, or after nominations, they were disqualified; only 10 members of the 8th parliament received vote for the next parliament; and the definitive results about 10 other members are still unclear.

Now, we must wait and see what will be the fate of the motion of ‘Questioning Ahmadinejad’? And how many of the signatories attend the 9th parliament, and what approach they will adopt to cooperate with the 10th government.


Sources: Press TV, Khabar online