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US envoy’s Iran missile claim ridiculous: Velayati
Iran Air CEO: Airbus to finance Iran’s aircraft purchases
Iranian Navy capable of building 200-meter-long aircraft carriers: Commander
IRGC spokesman dismisses US allegations about supply of Iranian missiles to Yemen
Religious leader: Iran, Pakistan can help resolve Muslims problems
US envoy’s Iran missile claim ridiculous: Velayati
A fully united Europe claims the high ground in relations with Iran
Nikki Haley’s ‘jongler’ at the cirque du Pentagon; not the first of its kind.

Regional Affairs

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Turkish President: Ankara wants to open embassy in East Jerusalem
Celebrities break taboo on Palestine
Army seizes full control of Tal al-Zaher al-Aswad, al-Najjar farms in Damascus countryside
Militants attack church in Pakistan, kill 7


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Boeing, Airbus sales imperiled as Trump administration formulates Iran plan
Iran, Afghanistan vow to boost economic ties
Airbus ready to finance plane purchases: Iranian official
Mine sector 22% of Iran’s exports: Official

World News

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IsraelGate: Flynn’s collusion with Russia, was for the benefit of Israel
N Korea’s Kim vows to turn country into world’s strongest nuclear power
Rohingya refugees must return to own homes, aid groups say
Merkel ‘does not support’ Trump’s Jerusalem announcement