IRGC says revenge on Gen. Soleimani's murderers is "definite"

IRGC military advisor martyred in Israeli attack in Syria

One of the military advisors of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace in Syria was martyred in the latest Israeli regime’s aggression in the suburb of Damascus this morning, the IRGC announced in a statement Fri.

Milad Heidari was martyred on Friday morning in the Zionist regime’s aerial attack on the Syrian capital, the IRGC public relations office announced in a statement.

The statement also condemned the silence and inaction of the international bodies over the repeated crimes and aggressions committed by the Zionist regime and the continued violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent country that is a member of the United Nations.

According to the IRGC statement, the fake and criminal regime of the Zionist Israel will surely receive a strong response.

For the second time in the last twenty-four hours, the Zionist Israeli regime’s warplanes attacked Syrian territory and targeted positions in Damascus.

A Syrian military source told SANA the new aggression was conducted by Israeli enemy’s fighter jets that entered Syrian territory from the northern occupied Golan Heights very early on Friday morning at 00:17 Damascus Local Time and targeted a facility in the suburbs of Damascus.

By Mehr