Iran-Saudi deal to strengthen peace, stability in Persian Gulf and beyond: Spokesman

Iran-Saudi deal to strengthen peace, stability in Persian Gulf and beyond: Spokesman

Iran says its enhanced relations with Saudi Arabia can not only help secure the interests of both nations but boost joint cooperation and convergence with the aim of consolidating regional peace and stability in the region, and the Persian Gulf in particular.

Speaking at a weekly press briefing in Tehran on Monday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan’ani said that boosting regional stability benefits all countries in the region.

The remarks came three days after Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore diplomatic ties and reopen embassies seven years after their relations were severed. China mediated the rapprochement between the two Middle Eastern powers.

“The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to return to their natural political relations can once again activate the two countries’ high capacity in various fields,” Kan’ani said.

“By expanding their cooperation, Tehran and Riyadh can help secure the interests of their nations. They can also have a positive effect on strengthening joint cooperation and convergence in the region in order to consolidate regional peace and stability, especially in the strategic Persian Gulf region.”

He also hailed China’s important role in brokering the Iran-Saudi deal, noting that Beijing showed that it wants to contribute to the stability and security of the region as well as Asia with goodwill.

The spokesman also announced that the Iranian and Saudi foreign ministries are making arrangements for a meeting between the two foreign ministers in the near future.

“Given the goodwill that exists, we hope that this meeting will take place in the near future and that the implementation of the [Iran-Saudi] agreement will be expedited,” he added.

“There is no obstacle to the meeting of the two top diplomats, and God willing, the arrangements will be made through diplomatic channels.”

Kan’ani also appreciated the constructive role played by Iraq and Oman regarding the Iran-Saudi pact, saying the two countries hosted almost eight rounds of talks between Tehran and Riyadh.

Asked about the recent visit by an Iranian parliamentary delegation to Bahrain, he said that the positive reactions to the Iran-Saudi deal show that the diplomatic breakthrough can have positive effects on regional relations, including those between Iran and other countries, adding that Iran-Bahrain ties are not an exception.

The Islamic Republic’s political will revolves around the neighborliness policy and the expansion of relations with neighboring Asian countries, the spokesman added.

“Fortunately, with the positive atmosphere that we are witnessing in the region, this positive development (the deal with Saudi Arabia) can happen in connection with other regional countries as well, including Bahrain. We should further trust the path of diplomacy and take steps in this direction,” he explained.

Kan’ani said that Iran already has a political relationship with Jordan, but stands ready to expand ties with the Middle Eastern state.

“The Islamic Republic’s principled policy is strengthening relations with neighbors. We are definitely ready to develop ties with Jordan.”

Also in his remarks, the spokesman said there is a written agreement between Iran and the United States on the exchange of prisoners.

“We already reached an agreement on some issues, including the prisoners, and a written agreement was formed last March. It was also signed by the American representative.  The American side agreed that the prisoners swap should be done without negotiations on the lifting of sanctions, but at another time they tied the issue to the talks,” Kan’ani explained.

“We are ready for the prisoners exchange as a humanitarian issue. The problems of the American side are related to themselves. If the American side takes a realistic approach, the exchange of prisoners can be done.”

Referring to the Saudi war on Yemen, he said the end of the war on the impoverished country has always been one of the top priorities of the Islamic Republic.

“It is expected that the new positive atmosphere, which has been formed in the Iran-Saudi relations, will have positive and good results in the issue of Yemen.”




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