Raisi hails Iran progress in medical science amid sanctions

Raisi hails Iran progress in medical science amid sanctions

Iran’s President Raisi has hailed the progress Iranian scientists have made in the field of medical science despite decades of sanctions, particularly referring to the production of world-class equipment and medicine.

“The achievements of the country in the area of producing knowledge-based medical equipment is a source of pride,” Ebrahim Raisi said on Wednesday while addressing the inauguration ceremony of ‘Mahdi Clinic’ Hospital in the capital Tehran.

Described as the biggest medical project of the country since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Mahdi Clinic is equipped with nearly 1,000 beds as well as advanced medical equipment that will cater to both Iranian and foreign patients.

Iranian officials in the past used to introduce exquisite home-made carpets as the country’s flagship product abroad, Raisi said, adding that he is “proudly” willing to take the indigenous medical equipment made by young Iranian scientists to foreign countries.

The growing interest that the younger generations show in medical branches at universities points to the importance of this field and the need to use this opportunity for improving medical science in Iran, he asserted.

Raisi further said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is poised to become the hub of medical science in the region and the world.

Iran has made significant progress in the field of medicine over the years, particularly in the areas of manufacturing pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as well as training physicians and surgeons at state-of-the-art medical centers across the country.




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