Navy cmdr.: Iran Navy to unveil maritime combat helicopters

Navy cmdr.: Iran Navy to unveil maritime combat helicopters

The Iranian army navy commander said on Saturday that a number of new maritime combat helicopters have been produced, which will be unveiled at the appropriate time.

Speaking in an interview with Mehr News Agency, Rear Admiral Irani referred to the significant importance of the country’s maritime capacities, saying that the sea can be the centrepiece of the country’s development.

There is a great opportunity for the development of the country by sea for Iran, he added.

Pointing to the pivotal role of the Makran coast in southern Iran, he described the coast as the gateway to reach the sea-based development and highlighted that to achieve a new Iranian-Islamic civilization, “we must use” the capacities of the sea.

Using the sea capacities is a geopolitical advantage for the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said, adding that the countries that do not have this capacity are experiencing geopolitical suffocation.

Referring to the establishment of the International Maritime Security Center in Konarak in Sistan and Baluchestan Province,Rear Admiral Irani noted that any movement at the surface of the sea can be monitored in this center and if a vessel is in an emergency, its information is quickly monitored in the center and the help would be sent quickly.

Pointing to the country’s capabilities in the surface and subsurface equipment field, he underscored that they are trying to increase their tonnage capacity in surface area, while projects are moving forward in the subsurface area.

In response to the question about the production of a series of new maritime combat helicopters, he stated that a number of new naval combat helicopters had been produced and used, which will be unveiled at the appropriate time.