Iran Army wargames; Mersad air defense system destroys hostile drones

Iran Army wargames; Mersad air defense system destroys hostile drones

During the Zolfaghar 1401 joint drills, Iran’s Mersad air defense system targeted hostile simulated targets successfully.

During the main stage of the Zolfaqar 1401 joint drills, held in southern Iran,  the Iranian Army forces practiced downing hostile targets with various radar systems.

The advanced surface-to-air missile system ‘Mersad’ were employed to detect, intercept and hit the aerial targets over the war game zone.

Mersad missile systems are used to fire Shahin (Falcon) missiles which are reverse-engineered, domestically upgraded versions of the MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missiles.

Earlier on Saturday, Iranian indigenous drones including Arash, Bavar, and Ababil 5 took off from the board of the Sahand destroyer and shot the simulated targets at the coast.

Also, the Iranian air defense systems including the low-altitude ‘Majid’ air defense missile system and ‘Khatam’ artillery fire control system targeted a range of aerial targets successfully.

The massive military exercise began early on Friday with the key motto of “self-confidence, power, sustainable security” in an area stretching from the Eastern sector of the strategic Strait of Hormuz to the Northern tip of the Indian Ocean.

The drills are aimed at testing indigenously-built military equipment and enhancing the country’s preparedness against potential threats.