Raisi’s cultural, historical gifts to UNSG

Raisi’s cultural, historical gifts to UNSG

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has provided UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres with two books concerning Iranian culture and history.

During Raisi’s meeting with Guterres, the Iranian chief executive presented the Bustan book of Saadi Shirazi (a prominent Iranian poet) as well as a collection of documentaries relating to the Persian Gulf.

The meeting was held on the sidelines of the 77th UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday when Raisi signed a memorial notebook of the United Nations; then, he gave the two books as a reminder of the rich culture, art, civilization and history of Iran.

Saadi completed Bustan in 1257 CE, which is an epic poetry book in the Persian language. The book entails 10 sections concerning morality, upbringing, social and political issues.

During his stay in New York, Raisi met with heads of state of certain countries as well as leaders of different religions, held talks with some experts in the United States foreign policy and top media managers, participated in a meeting with Iranian expatriates, and made a speech in a UNESCO conference.

Raisi addressed the UNESCO conference, saying that the Islamic Republic prepared its own education document based on Iranian-Islamic upbringing without relying on the secular approaches of the UNESCO 2030 Agenda, which is based on the secular-oriented way of thinking.

Raisi held talks with presidents from France, Bolivia, Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, and Zimbabwe as well as prime ministers from Lebanon, Pakistan, Iraq, Japan, Armenia, and the secretary general of the United Nations during his presence in New York.

His travel to New York has been conducted as part of his administration’s efforts to promote materialization of a fair international system through economic multilateralism.

President Raisi and his entourage arrived in New York on Monday afternoon local time.