IRGC navy tasked with having presence in high seas: Salami

IRGC navy tasked with having presence in high seas: Salami

The commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says that the IRGC naval forces have been ordered to have a presence in international waters other than the Persian Gulf.

Speaking to a gathering of the IRGC commanders in Mashhad on Thursday, the IRGC commander-in-chief Major General Hossein Salami hailed the IRGC Navy as a powerful force that has been tasked with being present in the high seas.

“Today, we have been tasked with establishing a presence in the high seas,” Major General Salami said, adding “Today, you are our prestige, you are the Establishment’s prestige, and you give credit to power. The commander of all armed forces always prays for you and considers your power to be bringing credit and glory to Islam.”

The IRGC top commander further said that the faith that the IRGC forces have distinguishes them from other navies in the world, saying that faith and spirituality have dramatically increased the IRGC naval forces’ combat power.

“Today we have nothing short of what the enemy has, advanced missiles, high stability vessels at sea and other basic naval equipment. When this equipment is combined with the true faith that guards have, they become invincible and no power can defeat this faith. This is one thing that has been proven.”

“The longer you resist against the enemy, the sooner it leaves and escapes the battlefield,” general Salami further urged the IRGC naval forces.