Cells, tissue engineering symposium to be held in Iran

Cells, tissue engineering symposium to be held in Iran

Iran Biology Society (IBS), in collaboration with Kharazmi University, will hold an international symposium on cells and tissue engineering in Karaj city, near Tehran.

The Head of IBS Mohammad Nabiyouni told IRNA on Wednesday that the symposium will focus on leveraging stem cells in building tissues for the patients whose tissues have irreversibly been damaged.

Scientists from Germany, Canada, the UK, and Iran will give online lectures in the first day of the symposium and there will be several workshops for the attendees in the next days, according to Nabiyouni.

The lectures, as said by Nabiyouni, will cover such topics as stem cells, organoids, exosomes, metablolomics, monoclonal antibody building and branding technology, industrial production of recombinant proteins and biosimilar medications, hydrogels and nanofiber in tissue engineering, incremental building and 3D printers, and branding in applied cellular sciences and tissue engineering.

Stem and cancer cells farming, working with laboratory animals, stereotactic brain surgery, cannulation and disorders in brain and spinal cord, SDS-PAGE vertical electrophoresis, western blot, and PCR and histotechnique are the topics of the workshops, IBS head said.