Zoroastrians hold ‘Jashn of Khordad’ festival in Yazd

Zoroastrians in Yazd Province, central Iran, on Wednesday held their Jashn of Khordad, which is part of Zoroastrian monthly festivals.

Manuchehr Arghavani, head of Zoroastrian Hamazoor Association in Yazd said that Jashn of Khordad is the third monthly celebration of Zoroastrians.

He said that the celebration is held on Khurdad Day which falls on the sixth of the month of Khordad, equivalent with the fourth of Khordad month on the Solar Hejri calendar.

He explained that the Jashn of Khordad festival celebrates waters and is dedicated to Amesha Spentas whom Zoroastrians believe guarded waters, seas and rivers, and thus saving humans.

Arghavani said that their ancestors used to pray beside springs, rivers and seas to celebrate the occasion.

Today, he added, Zoroastrians recite Ab-Zohr prayer and demand Ahura Mazda (the god of Zoroastrianism) prosper health and wholesomeness prosper in the world.

Arghavani said that the Wednesday ceremony was attended by a few number of people in order to observe health protocols.

Zoroastrians in Yazd Province canceled their ceremonies over the past two years because of the Covid pandemic.

Almost 6,000 Zoroastrians live in that province.