The first retail site in the Middle East!

It is difficult for most people to realize that the first retail site in Middle East was not in the sector of general and consumable products, nor even in the domain of products in the world of information technology and digital media!

The first retail site in Iran has begun operations in the sector of equipment and facilities for cooling and heating pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, and safety control. The site was registered through the Similar web reference when it first began running in the summer of 2004.

This website was initially developed and launched statically with FrontPage programming to offer technical characteristics, dimensions, method of capacity prediction, power consumption, and costs of different installation equipment in 80 categories and thousands of items. This was done while the Iranian internet was still under the Dial-Up platform.

At that period (and for many years thereafter), there were no e-commerce sites in Iran or the Middle East, and even Amazon (USA) was still selling textbooks and other cultural goods!

With millions of yearly visits and the inclusion of relevant products and technical papers in Persian, Arabic, and English without any assistance from governmental associations and organizations, this corporation is one of the pioneers in territorial and international development among the Middle East and West Asia store websites. Damatajhiz offers and sells specialist goods and equipment for air conditioning, heating and engine rooms, swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzi, and control and safety equipment in the entirety of Iran and West Asia.

This corporation attended Tehran exhibitions from 2006 to 2010 to comprehensively present the Damatajhiz goods and brand when the internet penetration level was initially inadequate to present the Damatajhiz corporation’s services and branding. This company, to further develop and realize the motto of “the best costs and brands of installation equipment” in Iran and other countries, got the Iranian Trust Symbol and a license from the Board of Supervisors of Trade Unions and Unions of Boilers and Air Conditioners, Iranian Online Businesses, and the Union of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Manufacturers, and subsequently registration of the engineering and commercial company of Damatajhiz Cyrus.

If you have any experience talking with and purchasing from this specialist corporation, please share your thoughts on the Damatjahiz Instagram page or in the comments part of the website as we get closer to the 19th anniversary of the foundation of the Damatjahiz corporation.

“Damatajhiz offers the most competitive rates and brands of installation equipment.”