Iran-Oman trade increases to new record high under sanctions

Iran’s annual non-oil foreign trade reaches $100b

Iran’s Deputy Minister of Economy announced that the amount of non-oil foreign trade in the country in the current year, has been 100 billion dollars in worth.

Iran’s non-oil exports have increased significantly since the new government took office.

According to Iran Press citing IRIB, Alireza Moghaddasi, Deputy Minister of Economy and Director General of Customs of Iran, said that the country’s non-oil foreign trade in 1400 with the exchange of 162 million tons of goods with countries of the world, yielding a record of 100 billion dollars compared to the same period last year which shows the 38 percent growth.

Moghaddasi added that 122 million tons of Iranian goods worth $48 billion were exported to different parts of the world in 1400, which was $14 billion more than the previous year and had witnessed the 41% growth.

The Deputy Minister of Economy of Iran emphasized that the record of the country’s exports in 1400 was achieved while the toughest oppressive sanctions were imposed and implemented by the domineering system against the Iranian nation this year.

Regarding the main export destinations of Iranian goods, Moghaddasi stated that China, Iraq, Turkey, the UAE and Afghanistan were the five main destinations for Iranian exports in 1400.



By Iran Press