Malaysia minister

Malaysia minister ‘impressed’ by Iran’s progress despite US sanctions

Visiting Iran amid celebrations of the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, a Malaysian minister expresses praise for the Islamic Republic’s resilience throughout 43 years of US sanctions and enmity. 

“I’m impressed by Iran’s being able to sustain its development despite the sanctions, and it shows that Iranians are very strong, determined, and resilient towards any kind of oppression,” Malaysia’s Minister of Plantation Industries and Commodities, Zuraida Kamaruddin told Press TV’s Iran program on Wednesday.

“Thank God, Iran has managed to run the country well for the past 43 years,” she added.

‘Revolution’s celebrations, message to US’

The Malaysian official also reflected on the quality of the celebrations, which features the Islamic Republic’s inviting foreign officials to visit the country for the event.

Iran is leading the “right strategy by opening its doors and inviting as many countries as possible to come and visit the country” for the jubilant occasion, the minister said.

“That is something good because when more countries come to Iran, it will send a message to the US that there are many countries that support Iran.”

Led by the late founder of the Islamic Republic Imam Khomeini, the Revolution ousted Iran’s former Western-backed Pahlavi regime.

Kamaruddin commented on the US and its allies’ incessant but unsuccessful campaign of pressure, which was launched after the victory of the Revolution with the aim of isolating Iran politically and economically from the rest of the international community.

“We cannot be following the rhythm of the United States,” she said, adding, “God willing, we will try to find ways how to go about it (neutralizing the American pressure and sanctions) in order to move on because life goes on with or without the sanctions.”