Mikhail Ulyanov in Vienna Talks

Russia understands Iran’s demands in Vienna talks: Ulyanov

Mikhail Ulyanov, who heads the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks, says that Moscow understands Iran’s demands in the ongoing talks in the Austrian capital.

Russia’s Permanent Representative to the Vienna-based International Organizations Mikhail Ulyanov pointed in an interview with the Russian Kommersant daily newspaper on Monday to the process of talks in the Austrian capital on the removal of anti-Iran sanctions and said Moscow backs Tehran’s demands.

“By and large, we are sympathetic towards Iran’s demands,” Ulyanov said. “In this case, Iran is the disadvantaged party. Iran did not withdraw from the JCPOA and did not deviate from its obligations on its own accord, but its actions were in response to the policy of maximum pressure from the United States. So, I reiterate that we have a very high understanding of Iran’s demands.”

Ulyanov touched on the ongoing talks in Vienna, stating that several fundamental issues remain in the negotiations that need to be resolved.

Asked about the amount of time needed for the final agreement, the Russian diplomat said, “Experience in these negotiations has shown that it is better to refrain from such assessments or from giving specific dates. We still need to resolve certain issues, some of which are relatively fundamental.”