Raisi meets Russian muftis council chair

President Raisi meets Russian muftis council chair

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi met on Thursday with the chairman of Russian muftis council Rawil Gaynutdin.

Gaynutdin, chairman of Russian muftis council, went to President Raisi’s residence in Moscow in the morning. Raisi arrived in Moscow on Wednesday for a two-day official visit.

In the meeting, President Raisi said that extremism is what we should be concerned about besides faithlessness and atheism.

He noted that extremism and Takfir have hurt Muslims, as some people have harmed the religion in the name of Islam.

Having connections with the Muslims in Russia is of special importance for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the President underlined, adding that Iran and Russia’s stances in Syria weren’t against the non-believers, but against the puppets of the US and the Israeli regime.

Gaynatudin invited Raisi to pay a visit to Moscow Cathedral Mosque, which the President accepted.