South Korean team in Vienna for talks on debt to Iran

South Korea says it has sent a delegation to Vienna to hold talks with Iran and other countries over how to resolve the issue of frozen Iranian assets held in the Asian country.

Iran and the remaining signatories of a 2015 nuclear deal on Monday resumed discussions to remove sanctions on the Islamic Republic and bring the US back to compliance with the agreement.

The South Korean foreign ministry said its vice foreign minister Choi Jong-kun had arrived in Vienna with a delegation to “explore ways to resolve the issue of frozen Iranian assets in Korea” through consultations on the sidelines with Iran and in coordination with the US, France, Germany and Britain.

The US is not part of the Vienna talks because it has pulled out of the agreement, but it has sent a representative to the Austrian capital to be kept abreast of the negotiations by its European allies.

The parties are discussing a common text which has incorporated Iran’s demands regarding the removal of sanctions and its verification as well as US guarantees not to abandon its obligations again.

The former US administration under president Donald Trump all but wrecked the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) after he abandoned it and restored the sanctions which the nuclear agreement had removed besides imposing new bans under different labels.

South Korea and other US allies opted to comply with the violation as they stopped trade with the Islamic Republic and refused to pay their debts, mostly oil money, to Iran.


Source: Press TV